Providing a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led program through which people discover the Kingdom of God in the midst of today's world

Listening Prayer

“True service comes through listening prayer”

(an exercise in learning to pray and listening to God)

Begin with Worship, Praise & Adoration 

(in silence)
Reflect on your impediments to hearing God
Yield those impediments to God

Being still, knowing GodHoly Spirit-led prayer for each other and others

Together, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance concerning
acts of service, either individual or corporate

(in silence)
Listen for God's guidance in an attitude of prayer
. . . trust your small hunch or your random idea!

Share what you heard and discuss the acts of service
as an individual or corporate activity

Thank God for what He will do through you

Go and do God’s will

Those that refresh others will themselves be refreshed! Proverbs 11:25

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