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Resources for Refreshing Others

Have you been needing refreshment? Are you looking for a way to renew yourself? The answer is surprising! It is the principle of sowing and reaping, of giving in order to receive. The Scripture says, Those who refresh others, will themselves be refreshed! (Prov. 11:25b).

CFO has developed a set of tools which will help you understand this concept. It starts with the story of The Master Artist and the Ice Sculpture. Read how the secret of the sculpture and the Master Artist's plan unfolds to reveal a miracle.

Getting to Know God, Learning to Refresh OthersLiving in God's Kingdom means walking in humility, with a heart for serving others.
In CFO, we embrace and practice praying. It is an integral part of our lives, because we know getting to know God is vital if we want to live in His Kingdom here on earth. CFO is introducing a way to share CFO and Kingdom Living with others. It's called Refreshing Others, and is as simple to do as inviting friends and family to gather together to pray. The difference however, is this is a training time in listening prayer -- seeking God's heart for helping in our own  families, neighborhoods and towns.

Give it a try! After all, it's not about us but about Him!
Click to download: Listening Prayer guidance for Prayer Outreach Groups, 4 card per page, guidance on back of card

Refreshing Others CardThis card (business card size) carries easily in your wallet. It's a great way to remind yourself and others that our time on earth is to share God's Kingdom and help others learn how to live in it.
Click to download:Refreshing Others Card, 10 per page, scripture on back

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