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How it all started

The Beginning of CFO
In 1929, on the island farthest out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine, the Lord gave a dream to Glenn Clark. The dream was for groups of people to meet together for a week, to bring their lives back into balance spiritually, mentally and physically. The idea was to take time away from telephones, radios, and newspapers -- and spend some quality time in God’s presence.

When he shared this dream with his Bible class in the Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis, a group of business men agreed to underwrite such a project, and the first Camp Farthest Out met at Lake Koronis, Paynesville, Minnesota, in the summer of 1930. Today there are over 75 camps and retreats through North America as well as 2 sister organizations.

The Power Of Prayer
Glenn Clark described Camps Farthest Out as: "...dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of that abundant life which Christ promised, that life which is our rightful heritage whenever we dedicate our body, mind and soul completely to God through play, work and worship. We invite our Campers to enter the kindergarten of creativity and discover all the joyous opportunities for normal spiritual expression...the highest art of life is a living prayer."

Affiliate Organizations
CFO International (CFOI) is a separate corporation of CFO. It has over 95 camps and retreats and serves people in countries all around the world. A third organization United Prayer Tower (UPT), was founded in 1942. Its purpose is to provide intercessory prayer for those in need of prayer for any reason.

Along with CFO, these organizations exemplify Glenn Clark’s vision of a loving Christ-centered laboratory where people learn to love God with all their strength, with all their mind, with all their heart, and with all their soul.

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