Providing a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led program through which people discover the Kingdom of God in the midst of today's world

What is CFO?

CFOs are interdenominational Christian retreats held in various locations throughout the United States and Canada. CFO does not own these facilities, but provides the programs. These retreats can best be characterized as a spiritual training ground and a time apart from the routine of everyday life.  Your privacy is respected, oneness in spirit encouraged, and sharing is abundant. Each person returns to his or her home inspired and enthusiastic in their renewed faith.

CFO is an opportunity to:
- become more balanced spiritually, mentally, and physically
- train as an "An Athlete of the Spirit" 
- fellowship with others
- discover more about your relationship with Jesus
- discover more about yourself
- learn to pray
- discover the power of prayer

There is nothing to join. We are simply an example of the Body of Christ, many believers from many different places with the same goal of growing stronger in the thing that matters -- our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to become involved in a local church of your choice. You’ll find the CFO experience actually improves your effectiveness and service to your fellow worshipers. 

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